For whom would you like to see the Eagles win?

Columnist Glen Macnow (otherwise known as the Philly Sports Professor) wrote a heartfelt article as the Eagles Super Bowl LII match up against the Patriots approaches. When Glen posted the story on social media, he asked readers to tell us “for whom you’d like to see the Eagles win.”

Below is a sampling of some of the best and most moving replies we received. Please tell us on twitter @MetroPhilly or on facebook who you’d dedicate a win to.

J.Terry McGrath: Outstanding article Glen…your writing has always brought me to smiles and reflection. As you know I have been going to Eagles games since 1964, and owned season tickets for 45 years… and for more than two decades I have sat in front of Stan Forman (in his 80’s) and his Daughter Sondra…Stan has had season tickets for 60 years now… he has watched my Daughters grow up and his kindness knows no boundaries….. I hope the Eagles win it for all of us…but especially Stan!!!

Lorry Filson: Win it for my mom, my role model as a woman, and a sports fan. I’ve watched sports with her since I was small, on a little black and white, fuzzy-screened TV in the den. She passed in 2007. I wore a necklace of hers to the WS parade in ’08 and I’ll wear it on Sunday. I’m in Florida now and can’t be in PA for the festivities, but my heart is there with Philly!

Dan Moritz: Win it for my dad. His birthday was on Monday and my family placed his Eagles hat on his grave site. He would have loved this team.

Vince LaRosa: You should be proud of this one great Article Glen Macnow I want to win this one for my father who wants to see just one Bob LaRosa and my 7 year old son who we recently moved just outside of Boston who proudly wears his Eagles shirts to school amongst a sea of blue this week. FLY ? FLY!!

Sarah Chaga Crispin: I want them to win it for my dad and my husband; I vividly remember being with my dad when the Phillies won. He’s an emotional guy by nature, but there was just something special in his eyes. It’s a moment we will always have together. My husband watched the last Eagles Super Bowl appearance in a TV room at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune the month before he left for Iraq. His dad flew down so that they could share in the moment; that one didn’t happen for them, but this time, as we’re all gathered in our living room around the fold-up table full of far too much Nick’s Roast Beef, my mother-in-law’s ribs, and my mom’s mac and cheese, I really hope it does. ??

Jim McGettigan: My Dad who passed away in 1991. The day before he died we watched the Eagles-Cowboys game when the sacked Troy Aikman what? 7 Times? I miss him every day and If they win I wish he could be here to share it with me and my family.

Marc Foxx: Win it for us, so we no longer have NY, Dallas or DC hanging it over our heads as the only fans in the division without a championship. And win it for #NickFoles because he’s a damn fine human being.​

Ted Fricker: I want them to win it for my Dad who went to his final resting place 3 years ago believing we were cheated out of a championship 13 years ago! He taught me the passion of the Eagles fans and I exemplify that because of him.

Carol Evans Saghirian: Oh Wow – this brought tears to my eyes!! Beautifully said. I wish that my mother and father were still alive to experience this season.. My dad used to proudly say that he was at Franklin field when they threw snowballs at Santa. My mother sadly lost interest in the Eagles during the Vick era, but all I keep thinking is that she would LOVE all these guys and would be so happy. Thank you to Glen Macnow for writing this wonderful article and expressing what so many of us are feeling right now.​

Brian Rosenwald: I want this for my dad who was 12 the last time the Eagles won something and for my professional mentor who was 2 in 1960 and has been a season ticket holder for years.

Law Jas: Thank you. Win for my Uncle Irv, my oldest living Philly family. And for my son @david_jasper6. I didn’t take him to ’08 parade. I was wrong.

Levi Peiffer: For my Son, He is 10 years old, and already a die hard. He was with me at the NFC Championship game and we did not leave until the trophy was handed over. I want him to grow up with a team who has won the Super Bowl, so he doesnt have to listen to the creep Cowboy fans, and Redskin fans, and Giant fans say ” how many rings you got?”. Quite honestly I believe once the Eagles win this one, there are 3 more coming in the next 10 years.

Frank Mooney: My wife Peg, who’s had serious health problems these last few years, but is giddy as a schoolgirl over the upcoming Super Bowl and would be absolutely thrilled with an Eagles victory.

Peter Pressman: Thanks Glen. I want them to win it for me. I was born into the green and like a family I’ve never left them. I’ve also raised two who bleed green. Thanks.

Mary Schiele: Well said Glen! You forgot one though – Jim Johnson – he would be so proud of this defense! I’m already proud of this team that is one more game away from being immortal! GO BIRDS!!

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