Former ‘Double Dare’ host Marc Summers breaks his face in Philly cab crash

Former host of Nickelodeon’s “Double Dare” and current Food Network star Marc Summers is recovering from a cab crash in Philadelphia last week that required him to have emergency plastic surgery, according to People Magazine.

Summers, 60, told the outlet that he was riding home in the backseat of a taxi after shooting an episode of “Restaurant Impossible” when a “torrential downpour” caused the driver to lose control and hydroplane. Though he doesn’t remember the exact moment of impact, he does know that he slammed face-first into the safety partition separating the vehicle’s front and back seats.

“I knew when [the driver] lost control that I was in trouble,” Summers told People. “I was on
the phone with my supervising producer and I said, ‘Oh my God, we’re
going to crash!’ Next thing I knew, I woke up and had
blood all over me.”

He said that the entire left side of his face from the eye socket down “was just wiped out,” requiring four hours of emergency plastic surgery. He still has screws and titanium plates in his face and is having trouble seeing out of his left eye, but has been told that things will return to normal when the swelling goes down.

Summers is recovering at his Philadelphia-area home. “I was pretty lucky that I didn’t have brain damage,” he said.

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