Former Eagle Ron Jaworski, Jim Schwartz disagree about rookie quarterbacks, Carson Wentz

Charles Mostoller

Should Carson Wentz play this year?

We all know how Eagles head coach Doug Pederson feels. He affirms that Sam Bradford is his bonafideQB1. And he is in absolutely no rush to get his No. 2 overall pick onto the field.

It’s a philosophy that will force Eagles fans to be patient, a virtue that isn’t a strong suit. But former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworskisays it will be worth it.

“It’s only a matter of time before the people of Philadelphia fall in love with not only the playerbut also the person,” Jaworski said. “I am a little bit old school in my philosophy in regards to quarterbacks. I prefer they sit a year. I think the leap from the collegiate level to the NFL is so big, there’s no way any of these young quarterbacks are ever totally prepared.”

One good recent example of thisis Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, whom Eagles’ defensive coordinator Jim Schwartzworked with first hand when in Detroit.

“I think that when we drafted Stafford, we just let it play,” Schwartz said Tuesday in a press conference after OTAs. “Was he our best quarterback? Was he ready? Unfortunately, he got hurt both his first and second year probably from holding the ball a little too long at times.”

However, Schwartz says it wasn’t a detrimental experience for Stafford, as any fantasy football player (or Lions fan) is well aware.

“He learned those lessons, and his third year he really, really took off,” the coach said.”But I think he had enough command those other years that he was ready to play. We wouldn’t have put him on the field otherwise.”

Jaworski would argue Stafford’s story is the exception, not the rule. There are a bevy of quarterbacks who’ve recently been spoiled by being forced on the field too quickly.

“The best thing is for a guy to sit on the bench, watch veteran players and learn the game.,” Jaworski said.”This way, when you do go in there you understand not only the speed of the game but the play-calling that takes place, the audibles…it takes years to develop. I would rather watch a young quarterback sit for at least a year.”

That being said, Jaworski has gotten to know Wentz up close and personal, and has high expectations for the North Dakota State product.

“He’s the real deal,” Jaworski said. “Iwent out to Fargo for Carson’s pro day. I spent time with him, I watched his pro day, I spent time with his family, his teammates, his coaching staff, sponsors of the North Dakota State program, the athletic trainer, the equipment man. I drilled on a lot of people to find about about the young man. He’s faith based, he’s family, he’s intelligent, he has a 4.0 GPA, his wonderlic test was a 40, the 15th highest score ever. He has mental acuity along with the physical strength.”

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