Former hotel security guard gets 6 1/2 years for helping pimps

A former security guard at a Roosevelt Boulevard hotel was sentenced on Thursday to 80 months in prison for helping pimps sell underage girls for sex.

According to court documents,  in June 2012, Adrian Palmer, 49, provided protection and assistance to a pimp operating at the Days Inn hotel. That pimp, who federal prosecutors say recruited underage girls,  paid Palmer between $60 and $100 per day to make sure Palmer alerted him to police activity in the hotel.   

In 2013, a confidential witness agreed to pay Palmer $100 per day for the same type of help in an apparent sting. In that instance, the witness told Palmer he needed help prostituting a fictitious 16-year-old girl at the hotel.

That stretch of the boulevard has developed a serious reputation for crime. 


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