Former Philly cop claims police violated him: Report

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A former Philadelphia police officer has claimed that two cops forcibly entered his house and assaulted him in a mix-up over allegedly stolen pizza and cheesesteaks.

Kevin Booker, 54, a retired Philadelphia police officer, filed a complaint after he alleged that two police officers entered his home on the night of Jan. 8, pushed him onto the ground, handcuffed him and hit the back of his head, reported. The officers were accusing him of using fake $10 bills to pay for a cheesesteak and pizza delivery.

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“This is the kind of thing that makes it harder for people to trust the police,” Booker was quoted in the article. “And it makes people like me angry. I used to be a police officer.”

One officer searched through his trash and refrigerator, stated. Eventually, they uncuffed Booker and left, realizing that he, in fact, had not ordered any food.

“I said, ‘I used to be a police officer,’ and the one officer said, ‘I don’t care. It doesn’t matter. You probably got fired anyway,’ ” Booker said in the report. Booker eventually tracked down the pizza delivery driver who told him that someone had paid with phony bills on the street in front of his house before taking off with the food.

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Because of his treatment by the police, Booker has vowed to sue the department and has hired a civil rights attorney, added.

“I think they need to be fired,” Booker said to “They didn’t do their jobs properly. They violated me.”

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