Former PHL17 reporter arrested after foul-mouthed anti-cop tirade goes viral

A weekend outburst outside of Helium Comedy Club in Center City has already cost former PHL17 reporter Colleen Campbell her job, and now it could cost the 28-year-old her freedom.

Following a tirade outside of the comedy club, after she had been reportedly kicked out of a performance by Craig Robinson (of “The Office” and “Hot Tub Time Machine”), Campbell has been charged with resisting arrest, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.

A video of Campbell’s Sunday night rant has appeared on FacebookPhiladelphia Magazine shared it on Monday, noting that Campbell was kicked out of the club for being loud – in which she brags about her job at the news station and hurls a string of insults and crude comments at a Philadelphia police officer while arguing that she had done nothing wrong.

“That’s why nobody likes the police,” she can be heard to say to the officer, who maintains complete calm and poise throughout Campbell’s tantrum. “Because they’re all idiots in this f—ing town.”

Campbell was reportedly fired from her on-air job at PHL17 after the video surfaced. She has posted on Facebook — and she told Philadelphia Magazine — that she only had two drinks at Helium, doesn’t remember what the altercation was about and believes she may have been drugged.

“I have never acted like this and asked to go to the hospital last night to find out if anything was slipped in my drink,” she wrote on social media.

Campbell is currently out on bail, and she has a hearing set for June 13.

Watch the video below.

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