Fourth-Graders Accused of Sexual Assault

Philadelphia police are investigating an alleged sexual assault of a fourth-grade student at William C. Bryant School in Southwest Philadelphia.

The boy’s mother contacted police on Nov. 5 about the alleged incident which took place on Oct. 24 in the bathroom, according to school district spokesman Fernando Gallard. School officials contacted police and began their own internal investigation, which found that three students engaged in bullying another student.

“Based on the findings from the school investigation, they were suspended five days for the bullying that the school was able to uncover,” Gallard said.

Gallard did not know the ages of the students involved, but said they were all in fourth grade. He also did not know the nature of the alleged sexual assault. The police investigation is ongoing.

A letter was sent home to parents following the incident, stating that the school has implemented a sign-out policy for students who leave the classroom unattended and requires students to go in pairs to prevent further incidents. It also states that a school counselor spoke with students regarding appropriate and inappropriate behaviors, and a police office is scheduled to speak to students about bullying and other topics.

The alleged victim has been granted a request to transfer, Gallard said.

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