Franklin Court townhomes going up in unlikely location

Lately it feels like there’s construction on every block in Philadelphia, so we rarely bat an eye at the thought of new homes being erected. But when we learned about a small cluster of luxe townhomes going up at Seventh and Fairmount, we took notice. That area, west of Northern Liberties, is off the beaten path enough to make it teeter back and forth between both sides of “in transition.” The recent addition of a Federal Donuts — also on Seventh and Fairmount — might be a sign of businesses and residents to come.

Construction recently began on Franklin Court Townhomes, which will include new three-bedroom homes, with 17 townhomes and three multi-family triplex units. They’re starting at around half a million and while completion is projected for summer of 2016, listing agent and co-owner Guillermo Salas tells us that seven have already been sold.

“We wanted to create something unique that could be a part of the community,” says Sallas. “We took a lot of care in the design of the project and paid attention to the external facade and the curbside appeal.” Let’s not forget about the roof decks, contemporary layouts, and parking for all.

Sallas sees potential, and he’s not alone. “I think it’s good to have development happening,” says Matt Ruben, president of the Northern Liberties Neighbors Association. “There are a lot of people who live immediately west of Northern Liberties, and Sixth Street has been a significant barrier.”

“There’s a lot of vacant and unused land over there,” adds Ruben, “I hope that people can create a diverse and thriving community.”

Even more new projects

Franklin Court isn’t the only dog in this race. We’re noticing projects popping up all over the area, including a huge proposal on the books for rowhomes, residential towers and a supermarket for the 1300 block of Fairmount.

In addition, the Reading Viaduct will run along Ninth Street, and is already bringing more growth to the neighborhood.

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