Free ice cream giveaway in Philly

We’re quite happy withice cream trucks as is, but we’re still very willing to check out what Good Humor is calling “the ice cream truck of the future” — especially since they’re promoting it with free samples.

Starting next week, look for Good HumorPedicabs and Spark Cars, bouncing around the city for three weeks. And/or, head to Love Park (16th and JFK) on Wednesday, July 15, from noon to 2 p.m., where they’llbe giving away frozen treats and showing off the new and improved Good Humor Truck, which has digital screens anda music system to play much more than the classic tinny ice cream jingle.

Most importantly, the redesigned trucks are quipped with live menu boardsdisplaying what’s sold out and what’s still available. No longer will you get to the front of the line, find out the Chocolate Éclair bar is long gone, panic, and walk away with a Strawberry Shortcake.

If you can’t make it to Love Park and don’t spot the roaming Good Humor Joy Squad, get at them on Twitter (@GoodHumor) and they might just travel to you to deliver a treat.

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