Funeral and procession for children killed in carjacking crash today

Police respond to the crash on Germantown and Allegheny avenues that killed three people. Credit: Reuters Police respond to the crash caused by carjackers on Friday at Germantown and Allegheny avenues that killed three people. Credit: Reuters

Funeral services will be held today for the three children killed in July after two carjackers crashed into their fruit stand.

Siblings Keiearra Williams, 15, Thomas Joseph Reid, 10, and Terrence Williams, 7, will be laid to rest after a funeral this morning at a Seventh-Day Adventist Church in North Philadelphia.

Police are notifying the public to expect traffic congestion around the area of the church, located at 16th and West Oxford streets.

Traffic obstructions may also be caused by a procession after the funeral services to Fernwood Cemetery in Cobbs Creek.

Fernwood Cemetery is located off Baltimore Pike beyond 63rd Street, more than six miles away from the church.

Meanwhile, alleged carjackers Cornelius Crawford, 22, and Jonathan Rosa, 19, are scheduled to have a preliminary hearing on August 13.

Each faces three murder charges for the July 25 incident where they assaulted a real estate agent, stole her SUV, then while driving away at rapid speed, crashed near the intersection of Germantown and Allegheny avenues, killing the three children and injuring two adults, including the children’s mother.

The three children were selling fruits and vegetables at a roadside stand as part of a fundraiser for their church.

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