Geno’s raises cash for Arizona’s law

The Arizona immigration fight landed in Joey Vento’s lap yesterday as The Big Talker 1210’s Dom Giordano hosted a four-hour on-air fundraiser from Geno’s Steaks.

“This is not just a border-state issue. Rhode Island is already doing this,” Giordano said. “I’m not in favor of rounding people up and deporting them, but until we have control of the borders, there can be no compromise on this issue.”

Proceeds will go toward Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s fight against a federal Department of Justice lawsuit to stop a state law against being an illegal immigrant. The law, which begins July 29, empowers police with “reasonable suspicion” to stop those deemed illegal. The feds maintain immigration should remain a federal issue. Across the street, protestors with drums hooted. Giordano and Vento supporters yelled back that they were making a last stand.

“What they’re trying to do is crazy,” Gonzalo Perez of West Philly said, carrying a “Deport Geno’s” sign.

“They’re not going to pull over an illegal Irish. Just brown people.”

Countered Vento: “All those people across the street mocking us should get on a bus and leave,” adding that they “hate” this country.

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