‘Get Fixed’ offers advice from qualified life coach

Sherman understands a thing or two about the good life. He’s not afraid to clear an afternoon for friends. He knows how to dig in and enjoy a big meal. He doesn’t bother with things as trivial as pants.

Of course, as a former shelter dog, he doesn’t take any of it for granted. Now, he’s spreading the word in his new book, “Get Fixed: Relationships According to Sherman.”

“Sherman realized through his days hanging out in Rittenhouse Square and watching how people responded to him that we humans tend to overanalyze our lives,” explains his media rep, Timothy Law. “But he lives much more simply.”

A series of 25 black-and-white portraits depicting the now pampered pooch’s laid-back lifestyle, “Get Fixed” is a playful reminder to be generous with affection and appreciative of head pats — skills Sherman believes we all have the potential to learn, no matter our pasts. “He realized that everyone can be rescued,” says Law. “And he knows that once we’re rescued, we can rescue each other.”

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