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Lauren O. Buckley is the owner of South Philly Community Acupuncture, and has been practicing for over 16 years. | Provided
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Never tried acupuncture before? Well, here’s your chance. On Saturday, April 21, South Philly Community Acupuncture is opening up a new location inside the Healing Arts Collective, located at 519 S. 9th St.

Owner of South Philly Community Acupuncture, Lauren O. Buckley, LAc, MSOM, says that it’s a great way to combat stress, which is an underlying factor for a number of medical conditions.

“We live in a very stressful society and stress causes pain and injuries,” she says. “Acupuncture is extremely effective in treating pain in any part of the body. It calms the central nervous system and in doing that, it balances and regulates all systems of the body, allowing them to function optimally. Because of this simple yet profound effect that acupuncture has, it facilitates the body to heal itself.”

Buckley founded South Philly Community Acupuncture in 2007, with the mission of making acupuncture more accessible to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

“I was unfulfilled seeing one patient per hour in a private room for expensive fees,” she says. “I changed my business model so I could help a greater population of individuals.”

So what makes community acupuncture different? Patients are treated in a larger room with other patients.

“There is a greater energetic connection and healing vibe that is created by being amongst others, while resting on a very soothing treatment table,” Buckley says. “I find it ideal that the patients are always within arms reach of their practitioner, so that their needs are met within the hour they are with us. We also have curtains for privacy, decor and materials to create a comforting atmosphere.”

South Philly Community Acupuncture currently operates out of East Passyunk (1532 E. Passyunk Ave.), Media (211 W. State St.) and will now opens its doors at the Healing Arts Collective.

So why expand one mile north of East Passyunk?

“When I walked into the healing arts collective, I was astounded by the energy of the space and by the professionals already working there. I realized that the one thing missing in my practice on East Passyunk is the ability to heal collectively alongside other professionals within our collective group: massage, yoga, Gyrotonics, Pilates based physical therapy, energy work and psychotherapy,” she says. “I am a strong believer in health, healing and preventative health services. I feel so lucky to be able to work amongst these healing artists knowing that my patients can now access their services in the same center that we are in.”

The big grand opening celebration on Saturday coincides with the third anniversary of Healing Arts Collective. From 12 p.m. to 4 p.m., guests will enjoy free community acupuncture, massage, bodywork, sound healing, Reiki, yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonic, meditation and more. There will also be free snacks and juices from Fuel and P’unk Burger as well as the premiere of a new art show by artist Eddy Rhenals, that will be on display inside the space that day.

If you go:

South Philly Acupuncture Grand Opening
Saturday, April 21
12 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Free to attend
Healing Arts Collective
519 S. 9th St.

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