Get over it, Iggs is sticking around

Every year around the trading deadline, Andre Iguodala’s name gets bandied around like a pinball. And each year, Iguodala does his best to ignore the rumors. This year will be easier than most.

With the Sixers racking up 24 wins in their last 40 games and the uncertainty surrounding the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement making teams hesitant to trade for big contracts, Iguodala appears safe.

“We have been playing well, so it hasn’t come up,” Iguodala said. “If we start playing bad, it will come up again.”

The Sixers have been insistent that they will only trade Iguodala for fair value. That means they don’t want expiring contracts in exchange for the swingman, who has three years and $44.1 million left on his deal after this season.

So, despite fans clamoring for Iguodala’s inconsistent jumper to be traded away, the Sixers see plenty of value in sticking with this core.

“To me there’s a thing called perception and a thing called reality,” coach Doug Collins said. “I think [Iguodala] has a chance to continue to grow, especially with what we’re trying to build here, and he’s the cornerstone of where we’re building.”

Iguodala takes it in stride. He’s well aware when the fans and media are critical, but he only cares about what his teammates and peers think.

“It depends on what you guys [the media] say. If you guys think I’m doing well, then I’m staying. If you don’t, then they’ll ship my ass outta here,” Iguodala said with a wry smile.

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