‘Getting rich at 50’ email address tips off investigators to Medicaid fraud

Robin Crowe-Johnson, 57. Credit: AG's Office Robin Crowe-Johnson, 57. Credit: AG’s Office

A Philadelphia woman faces prison time for allegedly defrauding Medicaid by cashing checks intended for her home attendant after he had died, the Attorney General’s Office announced.

Robin Crowe-Johnson, 57, of Olney, allegedly defrauded Medicaid of more than $72,000 by cashing checks for two years after her home attendant died.

That attendant, Shykeem Leslie, was an alleged drug dealer who was shot to death at 24 in August 2010 before he could face trial on drug charges, according to the Inquirer.

Crowe-Johnson allegedly received home attendant services from 2008 through 2012 due to her arthritis, according to court documents.

In 2009 Leslie began working as her attendant.

In 2010, the method of payment for Leslie was switched to debit cards issued by Medibank.

The address for the debit card owner was listed as Crowe-Johnson’s home on the 1500 block of Clearview Street.

According to the grand jury presentment, “The email address used to open the debit card was ‘getting rich at 50.’ Incidentally, Crowe-Johnson was born on October 1, 1957 whereas Leslie was born on June 1, 1986.”

Prosecutors allege that after Leslie’s death, Crowe-Johnson continued filling out time sheets in his name, forging his signature and then having payment delivered to her home.

Crowe-Johnson allegedly claimed to investigators that she never met Leslie and that an impostor was filling out the time-sheets, but investigators found no evidence to substantiate these claims.

Out of the more than $72,000 billed to Medication, Crowe-Johnson received $51,488, according to the grand jury presentment.

She faces charges of Medicaid fraud, theft by deception, forgery and related charges.

Read the criminal complaint.

Read the grand jury presentment.

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