Giant rubber duck damaged beyond repair, won’t float on Delaware

Matthew Leister

Soaring masts of old-fashioned seafaring sailboats were seen in the Delaware River this weekend as part of the Tall Ships Philadelphia Camden festival, but a highly anticipated giant rubber duck did not live up to expectations.

The 11-ton, 61-foot tall giant rubber duck, known as Mama Duck, sustained a 15-foot tear on Thursday while it was being towed up the Delaware during the Grand Parade of Sails after a tow line tore off the duck, reported.

It was pulled out of the river Friday and has been under repair on the Camden side of the river since then.

First, repairs were underway for just pontoon vessel that carries the giant inflated duck. Then, it was discovered the duck itself had taken on water. It had to be deflated and cut open to get the water out, reports say.

As of press-time repairs were underway to get the duck fully inflated, but the chance of it getting into the water was reportedly zero.

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