Girl power is alive and well

For the past four years, while their peers were making s’mores, the campers at Girls Rock Philly have been working on their own original compositions. This Saturday, camper bands, volunteers and DJs will be playing a release party for their new album, “The Key of G(irl).”

“It’s so cool that [we] have the opportunity to have this release party and play the songs that [we] wrote,” says Erica Rubin, a 16-year-old high school junior from Philadelphia and a three-year GRP alumna.

The all-girl camp for young ladies ages 9 through 17 teaches the fundamentals of instruments and recording, and provides a crash course on the music industry. In the process, it gives the girls a chance to try something new and succeed in what is sometimes considered a male-dominated field, according to GRP director Beth Warshaw-Duncan.

In fact, part of the camp’s curriculum is an image and identity workshop, in which the girls examine messages in ads and the media and how they relate to women today.

“Some girls have said that they have been told by boys that they can’t play as well because they are girls,” says Rubin. “It’s so empowering to have role models that are musicians and have done this before.”

Ladies Rock Philly

Rockin’ ladies 19 and older can now be a part of the experience. Online registration for the new adult camp will be starting soon; visit www.girlsrockphilly. org for more information.

Girls Rock Philly
CD release party
Saturday, noon-4 p.m.
Johnny Brenda’s
$5, 215-739-9684
1201 N. Frankford Ave.

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