Girl Scout cookie season comes to Philly

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Girl Scout cookie season has officially started across Eastern Pennsylvania. The festivities began on Thursday.  

CBS reports that the Girl Scouts have been selling cookies for 103 years, with the organization going back 107 years. 

Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania CEO Kim Fraites-Dow told CBS that the cookies were first introduced via a mother and daughter bake sale. It was reported that it is the largest girl-led business in the world. 

The Girl Scouts will be retiring the Thanks-A-Lot cookie, but there are some new cookies on the horizon such as the Lemon Up cookie, and there’s a gluten-free option now as well, which is the caramel chocolate chip. 

ABC spoke to cookie buyers this morning at Suburban Station.

Carmen Rosario of Juniata picked up some shortbread cookies for the office and told ABC that, “I don’t want to say I’m going to because I’m on camera, but I’m probably going to grab a cup of coffee and start eating cookies.”

Another resident, Nasir Singleton, told the outlet that, “I’m just happy they set up in between my commute from work and the gym.”

Although cookies are great and all, it’s not all about baked goods; it’s about young girls learning essential skills for the future. 

“They learn money management. They learn people skills, decision making, and goal setting as a troop and individually,” Alix Finnegan from the Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania told ABC.

The proceeds from the cookie sales go towards leadership opportunities for the girls. 

Serena Pisacano from Northeast Philly, recently won her “cookie pro” award. The award is a national award, and she will be featured on boxes of the Lemonades. 

“Serena and her friends on the Lemonades packaging are installing solar panels, learning about STEM and working as a team to accomplish a goal,” Finnegan told ABC.

Want cookies but aren’t sure where to look? Girl Scouts have a “cookie finder” app, where you can find the cookies nearest to you. 

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