Glen Macnow: Trading for Marcus Mariota is insanity, and 11 other Philly musings

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After 28 years in the Philadelphia sports media, I’ve got a lot of opinions. And I’m delighted for the chance to share them with you in Metro Philly. You’ll find me in this space each Tuesday. Let’s start today by clearing out the attic:

  • It would be insanity for Chip Kelly to trade three years of draft picks for MarcusMariota. The kid’s talented, but not that once-a-decade Andrew Luck-type for whom you should gamble a franchise’s entire future. Better move for the Eagles is to invest in a secondary, build on a sturdy front seven, and go into next season as a defensive powerhouse.
  • Dom Brown has killed the Phillies more than anyone on the roster. He was supposed to replace JaysonWerthas a low-cost, middle-of-the-order, strong-armed defender. Instead, he’s moped, loafed and regressed into anuntradeableslug.
  • Best TV you’re probably not watching? “Peaky Blinders,” Netflix’s BBC import about1920sBritish gangsters.
  • I’ve got no issue withSixerstanking the season. I do resent ownership charging fans full fare to watch slop, even jacking up the price when attractive opponents come visiting. Give these suffering season-ticket holders free concessions for the rest of the year.
  • It was strange to hear BillBelichickcite “My CousinVinny”last weekend. Who knew he’d ever seen a movie? Football coaches are a closed and curious breed. After two years of Kelly, we know nothing of his personal tastes.
  • If I’m steering anout-of-townertoward a real Philadelphia sandwich, I’ll always go roast pork overcheesesteak.
  • At some point, Flyers GM RonHextall’scall for patience is going to bump against 82-year-old Ed Snider’s timetable. Here’s hopingHextallcan withstand the pressure to trade a solid corps of prospects for a futile quick fix.
  • Clip and save this 2015 prediction for NickFoles: 28 TDs, 12 interceptions, 4,150 passing yards, two games missed to injuries.
  • RyneSandberg said last week that the 2014Philsclubhouse was “not conducive to winning,” and the younger player s felt cowed by the veterans. Far as I can see, that would reflect on the manager more than anyone. It says here that Sandberg won’t be around beyond this season.
  • If you’re not following@joelembiid,@oldhossradbournand@the_ironsheikon Twitter, you’re missing the party.
  • Maybe Ryan Day will prove to be the Eagles best quarterbacks coach since DougScovil. I would have preferred someone with at least a bit of NFL experience – playing or coaching – to take over asFoles’fourth position coach in four seasons.
  • Prediction: Patriots rally with “us-against-the-world” attitude to win Super Bowl, 27-20.

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