Goat on the lam lassoed by Paramus cops

Paramus Police Department/Facebook

A “disorderly goat” wanted for headbutting doors in a quiet New Jersey neighborhood is in custody and police are seeking information about the goat’s owner.

Paramus, New Jersey police was called Saturday afternoon with reports of “a disorderly goat,” police said, which was “headbutting a door in the Beech Lane area of town.”

Officers tracked down the horned, cloven-hoofed animal running down the road and captured it.

Officer Jonathan Henderson is photographed holding the goat in a yellow tarp, having perhaps employed the “taco” method to pick up the unruly animal.

It is unknown who the goat belongs to. It was turned over to Tyco Animal Control.

Police are asking anyone with information about where the goat escaped from or who it belongs to to call the Paramus Police Department at 201-262-3400.

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