Good news for Meek Mill: defamation lawsuit slapped down

Meek mills getty images Meek Mills. Credit: Getty Images

While Meek Mill cools his heels in a city jail after being his probation was revoked last Friday, he will not be facing a defamation lawsuit filed against him by a former police officer.

Mill was sued by former Philadelphia Police Officer Andre Boyer, who stopped Mill’s car in 2012 and detained him for 10 hours while searching for evidence of drug possession.

However, searches of Mill and his vehicle recovered no drugs, so Mill was released. He later sued the city, but that lawsuit was dismissed. Afterward, Mill took to Twitter to air his outrage against Boyer, and also criticized the officer in interviews.

In response, Boyer, who was suspended in August 2013 for reportedly taking some cash out of money that he seized from a suspect in 2011, filed a defamation lawsuit in June against Mill seeking $750,000 in damages.

Boyer, who said in court papers that he had not worked a year as of June, claimed that Mill’s criticism “had a strong effect on my life and relationship performance with my fiancée.”

The lawsuit was widely reported on in June — however, news blog reported this week that a federal judge dismissed the lawsuit on June 16, days after it was filed, before Mills even had to file response papers.

The judge’s decision stated that the type of lawsuit Boyer filed would only apply to a public official and summarily dismissing the defamation lawsuit.

Click to read the decision.

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