Gourmet chow comes to the Linc

It’s stadium food – but it doesn’t taste like stadium food.

That’s the focus for new concessions at Lincoln Financial Field in the Eagles’ coming season — that it tastes authentic and homemade, from their Sunday Gravy to slow roasted pork. The twist is that you’re not at your grandmother’s house in South Philly — you’re at an Eagles game.

Chef Marc Vetri and his team from Pizzeria Vetri teamed up with Aramark to release a new pizza at the stadium location. They will have a new seasonal vegetarian taglio. The Fall Spinach Taglio will be available for the home opener- fresh house made sauce, mozzarella, baby spinach, ricotta cheese, reggiano parmesan, and fresh basil.

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“We’re going to rotate this year with three different pies,” James Hennessey, Executive Chef for Aramark at Lincoln Financial Field, said. “We work very closely with those guys to ensure the fact that if you go to Pizzeria Vetri, you’re going to get it the same way here at Lincoln Financial Field. Everything — the process, the dough — it’s all made in-house and it’s all their recipes.”

Vetri is renowned for his pizza, which Food & Wine Magazine hailed as one of the best in the United States.

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Other menu items showcase some of the best that Philly has to offer with accommodations. Chef Hennessy and his team have gluten-free bread from Sweet Christine’s at the ready and the stadium has received past accolades for vegetarian options.

Whether someone travels to Philly for a game or needs to know what this city is all about, Chef James has his pick of what to eat while at the stadium. Hint: it’s a sandwich. But probably not the one that you’re expecting.

“The Arista — the roast pork sandwich is starting to take over as the Philadelphia sandwich,” says Hennessey. “It really represents what this city is about — hard working, blue collar, loves a good sandwich. Something to get all the juices flowing with the spicy and the broccoli rabe for bitterness, and then the sharp provolone. It’s definitely a home run in that aspect.”

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Chef James’ other must-try is the Beef Brisket Meatball sandwich. Yes, the meatballs are cooked in Sunday gravy.

Lastly, don’t miss the new Chipotle macaroni and cheese at Quick & Carmichael’s BBQ. House-made cheese sauce mixes in with elbow pasta and gets topped with Cool Ranch Doritos to get a personalized twist. You can also top it with black cherry smoked pulled pork or ample sugar smoked chicken to incorporate the barbeque taste.

Dinner is served

Ready to eat? Here’s what’s for chow at the Linc home opener.

Lager Braised Beef Sandwich (lager braised beef served with caramelized onion and cheese fondue) and Beef Brisket Meatball Sandwich (Homemade asiago cheese stuffed meatballs in Sunday gravy) – $10

Zac’s Hamburgers – $8 for a Double Burger, $16 for Zac’s Pack (four burgers)

Chipotle Mac & Cheese – $5 as a side, $10 with chicken or pork

Pizzeria Vetri’s Fall Spinach Taglio pizza – $9

Paesano’s Arista pork sandwich – $15

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