Gov. Christie’s BIG problem: Voters in Jersey disapprove more than ever

New Jersey’s Chris Christie has a big problem.

The blustery GOP governor’s approval ratings are at an all time low in a new Fairleigh Dickinson PublicMind poll.

By the numbers:
Approval rating:
51% — thumbs down.
35% — still approve his performance.

“Right or wrong direction.”
52% — wrong way.
33% — right way.

Say the poll takers:
“Governor Christie’s budget address last week failed to move the needle on his approval rating among registered voters in New Jersey. The governor is now facing his lowest approval rating since taking office. Similar numbers believe the state is headed in the wrong direction. At the same time, however, it looks like President Obama is experiencing a small rebound in his approval in the state, with about equal numbers saying they approve as disapprove of his job performance. A majority remain concerned about the direction the country is headed.”

One of the biggest raps against the presidential wannabe, besides Jersey’s sputtering economy, comes from unions, who are taking Christie to court for chronically under-funding the state pension fund.

OBAMA – 44% approve, 41% disapprove.
Say the poll takers:
“Although President Obama has struggled for months with approval ratings in New Jersey that belied his shared partisanship with a majority of voters, things are looking up, albeit slightly, for him. Obama’s approvals are not back to where they were when he began his second term, but he is pulling about as many supporters as detractors now. Forty-four percent approve with 41 percent disapproving, numbers that are unchanged from January, and up slightly from last fall. President Obama is doing particularly well among the millennials (59%) and non-whites (67%), two groups he depended heavily on for support in both of his elections.”

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