Half Moon Ayurveda dishes on why you need shirodhara in your life

Shirodhara is offered at Half Moon Ayurveda in Center City. | Katelynn Ingersoll
Katelynn Ingersoll

Ever heard of shirodhara? If you haven’t, you’re not alone but it could become your new favorite way to stay centered.

The treatment itself is part of ancient Ayurvedic tradition and is one of the many offerings available at Half Moon Ayurveda (1520 Sansom St.) in Center City.

“Shirodhara is a luxurious treatment that treats the nervous system by relaxing all of the facial and cranial nerves,” says Katelynn Ingersoll, founder of Half Moon Ayurveda. “It helps to relieve exhaustion, anxiety, adrenal fatigue, overthinking, migraines and depression.”

Each shirodhara session takes between 30 to 45 minutes and at Half Moon Ayurveda, it is offered in conjunction with a lymphatic facial massage or in the Bliss treatment, which includes a full body massage, lymphatic facial massage and the shirodhara.

In the shirodhara treatment specifically, a liquid is poured over the head of the client continuously (usually oil),  to relax the nervous system. About one liter of liquid is used per session and Ingersoll notes that Half Moon Ayurveda uses organic, herbal oils that vary depending upon the client’s needs and the season.

Sounds decadent, right? It was considered the “king” of ayurvedic treatments back in Vedic times and according to Ingersoll, shirodhara was reserved for kings and social servants whose “time was not their own.”

“I think this same notion resonates with any average young professional in Philadelphia,” she adds. “This treatment is a total reset —  not only for the recipient, but for those who the recipient serves.”

So if you’re feeling stressed out, perhaps you ought to give shirodhara a try.

For more information on shirodhara and other services offered by Half Moon Ayurveda, visit: halfmoonayurveda.com.

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