Hangin’ with Phillies away from the park

It’s not easy to see the Phillies. Tickets for the 2011 season at Citizens Bank Park went faster than Charlie Sheen goes through call girls.

If you didn’t score Phillies tickets, you can still possibly catch Charlie Manuel’s squad around town. There’s more to the life than the ballpark and home, well unless you’re J.C. Romero. A few Phillies reveal where they hang after the game.

J.C. Romero
“I really don’t go anywhere but to the ballpark and home. I just go on that [Walt Whitman] bridge and go back and forth. I focus on baseball. I have my family. I don’t need to go out much.”

Ryan Howard
“You know I like to make my way to a couple of different restaurants. There are so many good restaurants in Philly, but I can’t say where I’m going. If I tell you that, people will start showing up there. We can’t have that.

I go out to a lot of Philly restaurants but as far as which ones … well, I’ll have to keep you guessing.”

Brad Lidge …
… on the restaurants

“Part of the reason I love being a Phillie is because of this area. We’re on the Jersey side, but we come in to Philly as much as possible. I love going to El Vez. That is such a good restaurant.

… on the history
“I’m crazy about the historic area. Whenever family comes into town, I take them over there. It’s cool experiencing a city that is several hundred years old. You just don’t get that out West. I appreciate the history of Philadelphia more than I could have ever imagined before I got to Philly. It’s a cool place. The people that grew up and stayed in Philly are fortunate. Philadelphia is a great city.”

Ben Francisco
“I went out a lot with Jayson Werth last season. We were always looking for fun places to go. We loved going to Rouge. That’s such a cool restaurant. I’m always looking for good places to eat in Philadelphia.”

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