Hatboro councilman who shot robber won’t be charged: D.A.


Montgomery County D.A. Risa Vetri Ferman announced Monday that George Forgeng, a Hatboro councilman who shot a bank robber fleeing the scene of a crime, will not be charged for the incident.

Forgeng, 60, was in his car at a stoplight when he saw Kevin Way, 30, fleeing a TD Bank on July 8 around 10:30 a.m.

Way had entered the bank and handed a teller a note that read “Give me $2,500 or I’ll start shooting, don’t make a sound and don’t move.”

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Forgengreportedly spotted Way runningwith $468in cash sticking out of his bag and visible smoke from an exploding dye back — leading Forgeng to conclude Way had just robbed the bank.

Forgeng, armed with his Glock 9mm, chased Way while asking bystanders to call policeand ordered him to stop. Way turned around, said, “Go ahead and shoot me,” and began advancing on Forgeng, who after ordering him to stop fired twice, hitting Way in the arm and the palm.

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Way claimed that Forgeng fired as soon as he turned around.

Ferman said Forgeng was cleared in part because he chosenot to use “deadly force.”

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