Have you heard about The Shore House?

The Shore House in North Wildwood is a glimpse into the future of the popular shore town. | Erin Dwyer
Erin Dwyer

If you’re like many Philadelphians, trips to the Wildwoods are an essential part of summer, and chances are, you’ve been making the trek since you were a kid.

In many ways, time stands still in this laid-back, shore town. Most of the old boardwalk favorites are still there and aside from the changing fashion, not much changes about a day at the beach. What could use a little updating, however, are the accommodations and Kevin Reardon of The Shore House is on the forefront of this movement. 

The Philadelphia native practiced law in the global finance practice in New York City for a number of years before beginning his Jersey shore venture with The Shore House. The 12-apartment motel in North Wildwood underwent a complete makeover that goes beyond cosmetics and even dives into tech.

But why North Wildwood?

“The people and community of North Wildwood are really fantastic and it’s in the midst of a resurgence,” Reardon says. “Our location on 16th Avenue provides direct access to one of the best beaches in New Jersey, as well as the entrance to the boardwalk, the main lifeguard station, a new gated park and the tramcar station.”

The Shore House is also located conveniently located a few blocks away from the soon-to-open Seaport Pier, which will feature a pool, a bar and a concert venue powered by Live Nation. Talk about a prime location.

When it came to the interior design elements, Reardon looked forward to the future while paying homage to Wildwood’s history.

“Wildwood has a really interesting history going back to the early 1900’s that I think people would find fascinating,” he says. “This was once the stomping ground of music legends and is the largest collection of mid-century architecture. As part of this project I actually went to the Wildwood Historical Society and dug through the archives for mid-century inspiration, and took some of my favorite prints to put on rotating display in our apartments.  At a time now when modern retro design has become cool again, I really think this is a perfect place to showcase the mixture of both old and new.”

On the tech side of things, the entire experience at The Shore House is powered through the company’s app. That means you can skip the hassle of the front desk for check-in and checkout, as well as enjoy keyless entry, as each guest is given an access code instead of those easy-to-lose room keys.

So what about amenities? Aside from staying in Instagram-worthy accommodations, guests even get access to complimentary bikes as well as yoga mats. You’re even provided with a schedule of local fitness classes so you can work up an appetite for pizza, soft serve and fudge on the boardwalk.

The Shore House has already seen a lot of success on Airbnb, with hundreds of reservations having been made by visitors from the United States as well as Europe. 

If you’re interested in staying there this summer, it’s recommended to book as soon as a reservation opens up.

The Shore House is located at 422 E. 16th Avenue in North Wildwood.

For more information, visit: stayshorehouse.com.

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