Haverford faculty runs away with it

This year’s Philadelphia Marathon was accented with maroon and gold. Those Haverford School colors may continue to fly on the track calendar.

Three members of the school’s faculty took part in the race. Chris Fox, the chair of Haverford School’s art department, finished just outside four hours and head track coach Bryan Skelly clocked in at 2:42:17.

But the big story was assistant track coach Emily Hulme. She took home a bronze medal and qualified for Olympic trials in 2012, with her time of 2:44:30.

“The team, and really the whole Haverford community, has been supportive,” she said. “It’s awesome. It’s been great to be supported by so many people here.”

Hulme, a Latin teacher at the upper school, used her students as motivation.

“I intentionally told more people this year about the race and about my goals, to help motivate myself, just to say it out loud so more people knew,” Hulme said.

Hulme prefers to keep her coaching duties and professional aspirations separate. However, as her running schedule gets more crowded in the spring, she expects her students to play a bigger role.

“In my mind, I keep my running very separate from teaching, but it does overlap — and I don’t mind talking about it or discussing it with students,” Hulme said.

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