Heart + Paw offers one-of-a-kind services for pets and pet parents

Heart + Paw

They say that pets are like children to most people, and at the recently opened integrated pet care center in Glen Mills, Heart + Paw, they are certainly treated that way.

Heart + Paw started as a vision and a blank piece of paper, and now has amassed to various state-of-the-art locations in numerous states, and yet they seem to just be getting started.

Heart + Paw offers one-of-a-kind services for pets and pet parents

“I’ve loved pets my whole life,” says Co-Founder and CEO of Heart + Paw, Vincent Bradley. “We were looking for something that just wasn’t for sick pets, but really about a lifestyle and bringing together an integrated approach to services. We really think of pets as being a part of our family. So what we’ve tried to create is a destination experience. We ask ourselves three questions: What does the consumer want, what does the pet need and how can we provide that?”

Bradley and the other co-founders answered those questions by providing all of the services your pet could ever need in one facility, but also by elevating the experience for pet owners. Instead of just dropping off your pet, Heart + Paw allows pet parents to stay, hang out, watch their pet get groomed or even play and truly enjoy an experience.

“There is a level of transparency that we find incredibly important. When you come into a Heart + Paw center for example, in King of Prussia, as soon as you come in the door there are tons of windows to watch your dog be groomed or be bathed, and also comfortable seats,” says Bradley. “We welcome you to hang out, we want you to stay, enjoy a cup of coffee, get on our wifi and watch your dogs play. Even on the veterinary side, we wanted to create an environment where pet parents can see everything that’s going on in the process. Things like having care coordinators and technicians invite you back to pet your dog while in recovery.”

All Heart + Paw centers offer a general practice with veterinary components, highly curated retail availability and grooming in a spa-like atmosphere. There are also extra services offered depending on the location including doggie daycare and overnight dog boarding.

But there is so much more to the centers than just being incredibly convenient facilities.

Heart + Paw

According to the release, Heart + Paw creates unique service touchpoints for its clients, for example, the ability to text with their vet, as well as tailoring the low-stress experience to the unique needs of cats and dogs. Cats have a feline-only waiting room and in the exam room, there are custom-built cat shelves designed by the Chief Veterinary Officer so that cats can get examined where they feel most comfortable. For dogs, there are custom floor mats so that dogs can be examined side-by-side with the vet and avoid the stress of lifting them onto the table.

Another strong component with Heart + Paw is utilizing the local community in their facilities. They implemented their want for local artists and organizations into their sleek and chic designs that you’ve most likely never seen before in a pet-care facility.

Heart + Paw is now open in Glen Mills (479 Route 202) and King of Prussia (201 Main St.), but soon there will be more facilities in the region and even right in the city. In November, look for a new facility in Cherry Hill and then in 2020 look for three new locations in Philadelphia, including in the East Market in Northern Liberties.

“We bring a high degree of expertise and experience in all of the areas that we provide. We designed everything, not just the look and feel, but our systems and processes are really designed for pets and curated for parents,” says Bradley. “There is a level of intentionality that allowed us to bring our expertise and experience to life in a very intentional way that is quite unique. Having that attentive care for our pets, pet parents and team members really sets us apart.”

For more information on Heart + Paw visit heartandpaw.com

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