Here’s the Philly Jesus voting pic you’ve always wanted

The historical Jesus loved an underdog.

Philly Jesus on the other hand, is backing a front-runner.

Jim Kenney, who, according to a Philadelphia Inquirer/ NBC 10 poll,leads the pack of 6 mayoral candidates in today’s Democraticprimary, was the beneficiary of an endorsement from Philly Jesus.

The patron saint of Love Park announced on Twitter Tuesday that Kenney “has my vote for mayor.. Let’s lift up Jim in Prayer in the might name of Jesus Christ.” (We corrected this quote because of it’s less-than-perfect use of capitalization.)

Kenney has been on a roll with the endorsements. This one though, is ecclesiastically huge — you’ll note that Philly Jesus has his eyes toward heaven in the polling booth. Maybe that’sbe a sign.

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