Hey everybody, Let’s Get Stoned

Kirk Raysky has been selling and installing countertops since 2001 with his company Lets Get Stoned, a company based in Warrington that like many others has been suffering from the country’s economic downturn.

“We’ve been cruising above water, but for the past four years, construction has gone down a lot,” Raysky said. “There is alot of competition in the Philadelphia area.”

However, not all is lost. Raysky explained that although construction has gone down, there has been a recently newfound interest in putting money back into the home.

“Three weeks ago a family of five came in. They used to go out once a week to an expensive restaurant and spend 200, 250 dollars out.” said Raysky. “Instead, they decided to remake their kitchen so they can enjoy time at home instead of going out.”

Lets Get Stoned specializes in stone countertops, any natural stone tops are made for any type of couter from bathrooms to fireplaces. “Ninety-nine percent of my employees have been working here seven, eight years,” said Raysky, explaining that all their work from selling to installing their tops is done in house, with no outsourcing.

The advantage Lets Get Stoned proudly claims they have over national stores is their personal relationship with the customer. The company has the fabricator, who is in charge of cutting the stone, personally go over every cut and detail with the customer.

“Everything we do is a one-on-one relationship,” said Raysky, “We do no work without the customer’s approval, and every made piece is different.”

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