Historic Philly sites close amid Trump’s hiring freeze

Flickr / Michael Costanza

Historic sites memorializing America’s founding and framers of the Constitution in Philadelphia have closed their doors in response to President Donald Trump’s hiring freeze, and in anticipation of predicted budget cuts.

The Declaration House, where Thomas Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence, andFranklin’s Print Shop, an exhibit recreating Benjamin Franklin’s newspaper operations, have both shut their doors to tourists, Philly.com reports.

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Five other attractions have closed, while other siteshave limited hours or are available by appointment only, according to the report.

Bathrooms at the Independence National Historic Park have also closed, as the organization cannot hire new employees, David Fitzpatrick, head of the union that represents park employees, told the news outlet.

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In his first week of office, Trump signed an executive action that implemented a hiring freeze on federal jobs to slash government payrolls, with exceptions given to the military, national security and public safety.

Trump’s anticipated budget announcement Thursday is also expected to seek $54 billion in cuts to nondefense programs, including the State Department, Environmental Protection Agency and environmental programs.

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In February, the National Park Service was given a break: Seasonal and short-term employees required to meet seasonal visitors were exempted under the hiring freeze, as well.

But that’s not the case in Philadelphia, where Lauren Hitt, spokeswoman for Mayor Jim Kenney, told Philly.com that these cuts take educational opportunities away from students.

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