Hit-and-run driver paroled out

When Theresa Sautter answered her cell phone at 8 a.m. yesterday, a recording informed her the woman who killed her 15-year-old daughter Marylee Otto in a 2008 hit-and-run near Pennypack Park was “paroled as of Aug. 29.”

Sautter knew Michelle Johnson, a former Curran-Fromhold Correctional Center nurse, got two years in prison after pleading guilty in Oct. 2008, but when told the Parole Board approved Johnson for release on July 22, the state told her the release date was Sept. 17.

Sautter, who has testified at state Senate hearings to have hit-and-run penalties increased, responded: “It’s bad enough that they told me the wrong day, but now I can’t trust anything anybody’s saying.”

Initially, it didn’t seem like Johnson was even subject to probation. However, a city probation official noted yesterday that she would be monitored locally through Sept. 2013.

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