Home demolished after an explosion took place in Buckingham Township


A home was entirely leveled after an explosion in Buckingham Township. 

NBC reported that the explosion occurred right before 10 a.m., along the 4200 block of Biddeford Circle. 

ABC reports that when officers arrived on the scene, there was no fire. 

The home was a two-story, single-family residence, and it was reduced to a pile of wood after the explosion. Officials told outlets on the scene that the blast could be heard and felt over two miles away. 

“Just heard a big explosion and the ground shook, a couple hundred yards away. It was pretty foggy this morning so you couldn’t really see what was going on,” neighbor Chris Dennis told ABC. 

Luckily, reports suggest that no one was home at the time of the incident, so no injuries have been reported at this time. It was reported that a couple and their two children resided in the home for about ten years. 

Officials report that the propane tanks  used at the home for cooking and gas heating — were refilled that morning. 

“It’s a total loss for the family, but I’m sure the community will surround them and support them and get them back on their feet. It’s who we are,” Sgt. William Moffett, of the Buckingham Township Police Department told NBC.

The next-door neighbor told ABC that she had to make the call to the homeowners. 

The neighbor told ABC that it was “…the loudest explosion I ever heard. My ears are still ringing from it. We ran out and saw our poor neighbors had no house. Took my phone out, called 911, and then I knew I had to call her next. That was the worst.”

It has been reported that the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives sent investigators to the scene to investigate. At this time, the incident has not been classified as criminal. 

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