Hot Plate: Aqimero’s foie gras and BBQ eel


​Don’t ever say you’ve exhausted all of the interesting lunch options in Center City — because there are so many off-the-beaten path dishes to try, including the Foie Gras and BBQ Eel at the Ritz Carlton’s Aqimero, which just opened officially on June 23.

It’s sushi but with an earthy kick — black sticky rice envelopes barbecued eel, kabayaki sauce and cucumber, topped with buttery slices of foie gras and poblano pepper.

The combination of flavors is exhilarating but I recommend sharing this dish — it is very satiating and foie gras is definitely something you definitely want to savor in good company.

Looking for another bite to complement your meal since you’re sharing? To help balance out the deepness of the Foie Gras and BBQ Eel, we ordered a side of carmelized plaintains. The chipotle honey butter creates sweet and savory perfection that smoothed out with the addition of the refreshing crema fresca. No need for dessert at this lunch. Salud!

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