Hot Plate: Espresso Creme Brulee at The Little Lion

Jennifer Logue

The Little Lion is a relatively new addition to the Old City food scene and offers a menu full of comfort food delights. When my best friend Jackie and I went for a visit this past weekend, however, we were on an important mission to try their Espresso Creme Brulee. (Cue “James Bond Theme.”)

In my opinion, Jackie is the world’s foremost expert on the stuff. Whenever we get dessert together, that’s her pick if it’s on the menu. In the past 15 plus years of our friendship, that’s a lot of creme brulee, folks. She knows this dessert in and out and has even had it in France — the motherland of creme brulee.

When the waiter brought the dish to our table, it was presented beautifully. The caramelized crust included the traditional sprinkled sugar as well as a dash of cinnamon. The whole things was topped with blackberries, raspberries, espresso beans and whipped cream which provided added flavor to the simple sweetness of the custard.

The verdict? Jackie loved it. She commented that it was slightly thicker than the creme brulee she enjoyed in France but would return and even bring her mom — another brulee connoisseur.

As for me, I never order creme brulee because I’m a chocolate fanatic. But I would totally return for this dessert. The espresso beans give it an ​eye-opening kick that ordinary creme brulee lacks. Think of this dish as creme brulee with superpowers.

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