Hot Plate: Foie gras sloppy joes

There's foie gras sloppy joes on the menu at La Peg. | Provided

La Peg is always a great hangout spot in Philly, thanks to being located right inside of FringeArts, where diners can get their fill of top-notch eats by Chef Peter Woolsey as well as top-notch theater and other entertainment.

Last week, I got to try a relatively new addition to the menu at the celebrated American brasserie — the foie gras sloppy joe.

Upon the dish first being suggested to me, I have to admit — I was a little apprehensive.

From my recollection of sloppy joes as a kid, they were delicious but super heavy and, well — sloppy.

On this particular day I put a little more effort into my look too, and the thought of having a face smeared with sloppy joe sauce didn’t appeal to me.

Luckily, Woolsey envisioned a much more refined take on the American classic.

First of all, it’s served as an appetizer (in slider form) — so it won’t weigh you down, especially if you’re sharing it.

Secondly, the substitution of foie gras for ground beef and the barbecue sauce for the usual tomato sauce gives the dish more of a summer feel. The addition of fresh pickles and a side of crispy red cabbage coleslaw, enhances this even more.

And of course, what really brings everything together is the texture. The crispy, perfectly baked bun really complements the soft, butteriness of the foie gras.

Paired with a cool beer, it’s the perfect start to a summer evening in the city — as well as a larger meal at La Peg.

La Peg is located at 140 N. Columbus Blvd.

For more information, visit:

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