Hot Plate: Mais e Funghi Pizza at Pizzeria Vetri

Jennifer Logue

This week, the true foodies were separated from the mere dilettantes when I got wind of the Mais e Funghi pizza at Pizzeria Vetri and asked friends to sample the dish with me.

Oddly enough, I was met with the same response — “Corn on pizza? Ew! I’ll pass.”

Given that these are the same people who put bacon on donuts, I was confused. How could corn on pizza be so off-putting?

However, when I asked my brave intern Marialena to accompany me on the Mais e Funghi Pizza expedition, she accepted without hesitation.

Tucked away on Chancellor Street, Pizzeria Vetri is the perfect place for a leisurely work lunch (if you have those) or for the rest of us, a relaxing weekend lunch spot or an after work sanctuary. The ambiance is bright and inviting with red accents everywhere.

Now let’s get down to business — just how was the Mais e Funghi pizza? In a word: delightful. This pie was made for summer as it was satiating without weighing you down. The crust was on the thinner side but still doughy and supple — topped with a sweet corn crema, fresh charred corn, mozzarella, parmesan cheese, sherry vinegar and of course, maitake mushrooms.

The sweetness of the corn crema and the saltiness of the mushrooms balanced out perfectly and it’s a pizza I would definitely order again. However, the window of opportunity is closing because being a seasonal pie — it won’t be available once fall arrives. Get it while it’s “hot” — literally!

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