Hot Plate: Seven-minute egg at Red Owl Tavern


Locals don’t typically explore dining options around the touristy Independence Hall area but with the new dinner menu at Red Owl Tavern, you might want to make an exception.

What immediately caught my eye was the seven-minute egg. While I was initially hesitant to eat an egg at dinnertime, I’m so glad I cast my reservations aside for this dish.

It comes beautifully presented in a cast iron skillet — the egg covered in a thick outer layer of breadcrumbs sitting on top of a bed of sauteed shaved brussels sprouts with garlic shallot, chili flake and soy-ginger ponzu. Sesame seeds are sprinkled on top for added crunch and flare.

If you love contrasting textures, biting into the crusty egg ball is quite the experience — the gooeyness of the egg pairs well with the crispiness of the herbed breadcrumbs. Flavorwise, it is not spicy, but simply flavorful and robust.

The shaved brussels sprouts underneath bring a little heat, however, with the addition of chili flakes. The ginger-soy ponzu is heavier on the soy than citrus, adding a salty zest that really launches this breaded egg ball into the stratosphere.

While I’m not drinking this month, I was dying to get something light and bubbly to accompany this. The Mood Indigo is a new cocktail on the menu that fit the bill — made with beet juice, lemon, honey, sparkling wine and gin. I substituted sparkling water for the sparkling wine and gin but I’m sure the alcoholic version adds even more of a kick.

Red Owl Tavern is located at 433 Chestnut St.

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