Houston shouldn’t be problem for Jrue Holiday

The NBA All-Star Game is about one month away in Houston. Unless some bizarre circumstances occur between now and then, it’s probable that Sixers point guard Jrue Holiday will be there.

Holiday and Thunder guard Russell Westbrook are the only two players in the league averaging at least 18 points and eight assists per game. Beyond the numbers, Holiday appears to have taken on more of a leadership role.

“I think Jrue has been more vocal this year and guys respond to him,” said Evan Turner. “He’s stepped up his game and when he sees something during a game, during a practice or shootaround, he mentions it. I don’t know if that would have happened as much in the past. He’s a big leader on this team and we all have so much respect for him.”

Holiday has eclipsed the 30-point plateau twice this season. More than that, he’s taking good shots and looking for his teammates more.

“I think a big part of being a leader is taking the burden on your shoulders,” Holiday said. “I’ve been speaking up a lot more this year and I only say something if I feel it’s important.”

His play on the court speaks for itself. Is it at an All-Star caliber level?

“I’m not going to judge that,” Holiday said. “I’ll leave that to everyone else. It would be really cool, though.”

Well, Holiday’s peers and rivals sure think he is deserving of the honor.

“He’s been fantastic and he’s a tough cover,” Celtics guard Jason Terry said. “He’s getting to the basket better than ever.”

“I think his shot has improved a ton and that makes him dangerous,” Nets guard Deron Williams added. “He’s quick, tough and goes to the basket strong. Adding that jump shot consistently has made him a budding star.”

When the All-Star rosters are announced — Thursday night, live on TNT — it’s certainly feasible to see Holiday’s name. Especially if he keeps playing at this torrid pace.

“It would be amazing,” Holiday said.

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