How not to get your book to Obama

Sajid Khan didn’t want to hit President Barack Obama with his book entitled “Wisdom.” He just hoped to impart of it on the American leader.

Khan, 60, of northern New Jersey, who writes a blog on called “Benefits of Wisdom” and owns an antique shop in Manhattan, wasn’t arrested when Secret Service detained him briefly during the Obama rally in Germantown Sunday.

Khan also says he wasn’t the one who tossed the small paperback onstage, but Secret Service said yesterday that the book tosser was the author.

“I had brought the book because I hoped to have President Obama read it,” said Khan, who had offered the book to a Metro reporter at the rally, adding that he had a ticket to the event because of his blogging. “I hoped to hand it to him.”

A Secret Service spokesman said Khan was “not deemed to be a threat” after a short interview with him during the rally.

Khan has been writing about things like wisdom and “eternal time” for over 40 years, he said, noting that people “do not understand the difference between mind and brain” and that he still hopes to impart his knowledge on American leaders.

“They don’t have a clue about what is wrong with America,” the Bergen County, N.J., man said.

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