How the PSPCA is continuing their mission through COVID-19


It’s no secret that businesses, nonprofits and other establishments have been hit hard during this time—but the PSPCA is soldiering on despite the circumstances.

The Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals has always been committed to ensuring the rights of all of our furry friends in the state, and COVID-19 is not going to stop those efforts—just alter them a bit.


Many people are a bit wary during this time, and especially so if they have pets that need services or are sick. For this reason, the PSPCA is keeping their clinic at Eerie Avenue open for sick, urgent and emergent cases by appointment only. Safety for everyone involved is on the forefront of the PSPCA’s agenda, so all owners will be asked to wait in their cars or outside (while maintaining safe distances to others) throughout the duration of their appointment. Families in need of veterinary services are encouraged to call the Erie Avenue headquarters to schedule an appointment, 215-426-6300 and select #3 for the clinic. The PSPCA does request however that all non-urgent and wellness visits be delayed until after March 27 (keep checking their site for any updates on that date.)

Public surgeries, which includes spraying and neutering will also still be active during this time at the PSPCA’s Philadelphia, Danville and Lancaster locations. According to the release, drop-off and pick-up procedures will be modified at each site to avoid gathering of people in public spaces. Vaccine clinics are unfortunately not in service, but hopefully, can resume on March 27.

All services will require curbside pickup and drop-off to help protect the health of the staff and the community.

In these times, the welfare of animals must not be swept under the rug. The PSPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement will still be continuing to answer calls pertaining to any animals experiencing neglect or harm. The release states, should you witness animal abuse in these, or any other times, please contact the cruelty department at 866-601-SPCA or through email at


It was announced on March 16 that open adoption services will be closed at the Erie Avenue Headquarters, Lancaster and Danville Centers, as well as their affiliate, Main Line Animal Rescue (MLAR) with the hopes to resume services after this Friday. Since then, all PSPCA locations and the MLAR have been working toward establishing special adoption and foster services that are unique to each specific location.

Fostering is still a prime option and the PSPCA has called upon volunteers and foster families to step up during this time and help navigate these precarious circumstances. There are some stipulations to be aware of if you are still interested: Foster parents must be approved and undergo a short orientation process prior to taking home an animal, and all interested fosters should complete an application via the PSPCA’s website. It may take up to 48 hours for a response after submitting an application, and the PSPCA is asking to be prepared to foster for 4+ weeks.

The act of asking the community for help so far has worked.

In the past three days, the PSPCA has received over 150 foster applications, onboarded 119 brand new foster parents, sent 35 animals into foster care and currently has over 40 people signed up on deck to take home an animal. The best way to keep up on all information regarding adoptions and fostering is through the social media accounts for each location.


Despite the great numbers and good news, the PSPCA is still in need of donations and more volunteers to foster and (possibly soon) adopt during this global pandemic. If interested, and to find out more information, visit

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