How to get free dumplings delivered to your door for National Dumpling Day

dumplings delivered

Dim Sum house by Jane G’s in West Philly has a big announcement. The location at 3939 Chestnut Street is taking National Dumpling Day (September 26) up a notch with their free dumplings delivered promotion. 

How to get free dumplings delivered on National Dumpling Day 

That’s right Philly; you can get free dumplings right to your doorstep just by ordering from Dim Sum house through Caviar delivery service. That means you can stay in PJs all day, never leave the couch, call in sick from work (not recommended but no judgment)  to enjoy some delicious dumplings delivered right to your door. 

All you have to do is order something from Dim Sum House’s menu like savory Peking Duck, Roast Pork Bao and Shrimp Cheung Fun to receive a free order of pan-fried Pork and Leek Dumplings. But the fun does not stop on National Dumpling Day. Caviar delivery service will offer free delivery from Dim Sum House for one whole week starting Wednesday, September 26. That means dim sum all week long Philly! After Wednesday you will receive a free order of Beef Scallion Pancakes with any menu item you order. 

dumplings delivered

On top of free delivery and free dumplings at your door, dine-in for special Lobster Dumplings with lobster, spinach and rice noodle wrap for three pieces for only $15. Also, bring some friends along for a dumpling sampler for only $10 and sample Dim Sum House’s top dumplings including soup dumplings. 

Dim Sum House’s location in the heart of University City is known for their delicious selection of Cantonese and Shanghai dim sum as well as mouth-watering dishes from the Jiang Nan region of China. This location serves food until 1 A.M. as well as craft cocktails, wine and beer until 2 A.M. in their bar and lounge. There is also a pool table available for free to use by all guests. 

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