How to get your hands on a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake in September

when do shamrock shakes come out

If you’re dreaming of Shamrock Shakes, we have some excellent news for you. Shamrock Shake season is back and in full swing. (Yes, already) You might be thinking, it’s a little early to celebrate St Patrick’s day, but it’s never too early in Philly. 

The decadent minty soft-serve treat topped with clouds of whipped cream is already being served at McDonald’s. 

So, when do Shamrock Shakes come out?

This September, you can pick up a Shamrock Shake.  

What’s the catch? You can only get in select stores in Philly. 

McDonald’s is offering the green drink at select McDonald’s in Philly to celebrate the chain’s “Stomp, Scream and Shake” campaign supporting the Philadelphia Eagles. This is the sixth year the companies teamed up to celebrate the start of the NFL season. 

According to, the minty drink is only available in Philly because the drink was first created in the Philly area. Additionally, the city is the home of the Ronald McDonald House charity, which gives temporary housing to young cancer patients and their family. 

The origin story of the drink was that it was created to help raise money for families to help their sick children. 

Although Eagles fans are thrilled about the drink making an early return, those outside of the area are a bit jealous. 

If you are a fan of “the Eagle’s favorite shake” dubbed by their current ads, you only have until October 18 to get it before it retires until St. Patrick’s Day.

How to get the McDonald's Shamrock Shake at select restaurants in Philly

How to find the McDonald’s Shamrock Shake in Philly

One way to find the Shamrock Shake in Philly is by logging in to the McDonald’s app and seeing if the Shamrock Shake is available at locations in the area. You can download the free app for iOS and Android devices. 

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