How to train for the Broad Street Run

run work Whether it’s your first or 100th race, read on for tips. / Getty Images

Were you accepted to this year’s Broad Street 10-miler on May 4? Use these training tips from SWEAT Fitnessto get started.

1. Get ready with 3 runs per week
A person can train to for a good finish in as little as three runs per week: one long easy run (4-13 miles); one medium distance run at a fast pace (3-8 miles); and one workout dedicated to short, intense intervals with rest in between (Example: 1 minute very fast, followed by 2 minutes very slow; repeat for no more than 3 miles total).
2. Ramp up your distance slowly
The race is 10 miles, meaning a person doesn’t actually need to run more than 8 miles in training at one time to finish on race day. At the peak of training (2-3 weeks before the race), a weekly total of 15-25 miles is sufficient.
3. Make running fun
Running with a friend or group, even at a very slow pace, is an excellent way to prepare the body for a race, and it’s even better for the mind.
4. Take care of your feet
Shoes wear out after 250-350 miles or 6 months of normal use, whichever comes first. Make sure your toes have wiggle room and that you get the right shoe for your body!
5. Lifting weights will not bulk you up
Strength training is essential to achieving your goal time and it will keep you healthy and less prone to injury. Runners should hit the weights at least once per week. Stretching after a workout is also essential; being limber helps you move efficiently. Consider taking up a yoga class if you feel you need to focus more on this area.

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