How will Eagles players, coaches spend their 6 week vacation?

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The NFL has become relevant all year long, with the exception of the month of July. Or at least that’s what the schedule implies.

With the Eagles wrapping up mandatory minicamp Thursday, the team has no plannedactivities until training camp officially opens at the start of August.

“Everybody gets a little bit of a break here,” Chip Kelly said.”We’ve been on it since last August basically straight through, really not a lot of down time from that. Everyone will have time too recharge their battery and spend time with their families.”

Kelly says that, but everyone knows he doesn’t mean it.

While players won’t be at the NovaCare complex for six weeks, and most won’t even be in Philadelphia, they will all be working in one way or another.

“I am taking notes,” Nolan Carroll III said, referring to his plans for the break.”I will still look at it while I am gone for these sixweeks.”

“You get ready for the season, you take care of your body,” Byron Maxwell added, explaining that he will work out and practice informally every day up until the Eagles meet again as a team to start camp the first week of August.

Kelly is often called a ‘mad scientist,’ and he meticulouslyhas his hand nearly every aspect of his players’ professional lives. Their offseasons are no different.

“The best part of our strength staff and the sports science group is that they give us a good plan for the entire offseason, and for these next six weeks,” Mark Sanchez said.”We got a lot of good stuff on film, now its time to take a little bit of a break and get back in the swing of things, start throwing again in a couple weeks.”

While Sanchez plans to watch film and toss around the football as he enjoys his July, players like Darren Sproles and Zach Ertz have something a little more formal planned.

The Eagles pair will train with a group of NFL stars in San Diego next month.

“The pace we have here, we train at the same pace,” Sproles said.”Me and [Saints quarterback Drew]Brees will be out there leading everything. There’s me, Drew, Brandon Cooks, Chase Daniels, and Carson Palmer comes out there too.”

So while the formal press conferences, practice sessions and film breakdowns will cease for more than a month, the process of battling to win a Super Bowl takes no vacation.

“Still a lot of work to be done,” Kiko Alonso said.”We’ve been getting after it the last couple of months, keep doing what were doing take it day by day and well be ready.”

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