Hurricane Irene Hits Philly … on Twitter

For many Philly neighborhoods, Hurricane Irene was kind of a dud (sorry, East Falls, Manayunk and others in flood planes — no disrespect).

Not to say that is a bad thing — who wants to live on hand-crank flashlights, canned food and board games for seven to ten days?

But the fact did not escape many Philly-area tweeters. Some responded with humor.

@Lord_G_Almighty Hurricane Irene threatens the East Coast of USA. If MTV won’t cancel Jersey Shore, God will.

@billfelty upside of the hurricane #63: power-washed city streets and buildings

@ScooRandall_33 Irene took at look at some parts of Philly and said oh No. Gotta Go

@Clarknt67 BTW, I heard on FX Network it was always sunny in Philadelphia. Don’t believe the hype.

@AshIsAmazin This year I survived a tornado, earthquake, hurricane, and a rapture. Officially winning.

@EllisFromPhilly Philly is in a mad panic over the storm. I hope the flash mobs drown

in the flash floods #ahbooo


@rowanuniversity First you get hit with a flood and then an earthquake. What’s next? Locusts?


Earthquake, hurricane, whatever. Anything but another 40 hour work week..


Irene is now a Tropical Storm. Philly broke that bitch down.

Others seemed unimpressed with the storm’s force.


I must have missed that massive hurricane. All I saw was some rain. Philly doesn’t hurricane properly.


Hurricane? It’s like god is sneezing!

@NeishaHillman They Could Have Just Said Flooding And Heavy Winds Like Wtf It Wasn’t

That Serious

@kadud Wild hurricane survival dreams, but no damage here in old city. People walking around aimlessly outside- lost w/out Cafe Ole open. #Philly

@tugis87 Ppl was really pissed they bought out Walmart, Target, Market for a thunderstorm, the news did kinda hype this hurricane up

Many took the warnings and aftermath seriously.

@Mz_MonieLuv The same ppl that didnt believe Noah and about the flood and he built

the arc are the same ppl who drowned and died

@djrtodaizza It’s not as bad as people thought it would be but people are still without power, gas. Trees are falling, killing people. Mass flooding.

@KING_LuxeDiddy Some People have trees in their living rooms, lost their lives, there’s
massive flooding….you dunno cuz Twitter is ur main info source -_-

it’s so unbelievably corny to see people say “Irene ain’t shit”..uh
I’ve had no power for weeks several times & that shit sucks

@MsJanelleBaby So instead of all the “I told you so’s” about the hurricane, how about thanking god it wasn’t that bad! -__-

@angiewrites People died. Trees fell on cars/homes.Floods destroyed property(in this
economy).Be glad she skipped you.I don’t understand the snark

Some reported damage.

@shonishon The Schuylkill River is floating down Main St. 🙁

@JadeyyJade My ceiling is fucked & my floor is flooded boyy!

@LarryMendte @Beejer I have a crew outside my house right now removing another

downed tree from street. Yes damage in Philly. Flooding, power, trees

@Beejer @LarryMendte oh man. Glad to hear you are okay sir! I drove thru the

worst of it last night getting a few stranded friends.

@I_Me_Mine_J There’s a lot of debris and a downed tree in our complex. We can’t go

anywhere because we are surrounded by the flooding Schuylkill!’

@ArthurCaplan power back on. minor tree damage winds still a bit feisty ground

soaked we survived

@EricWaxy Still no power and I can’t even get through to PPL. It was easier this

morning during the storm. Just give us an update. Earlier said by 2pm

But of course, optimists found the hurricane’s silver lining.

@PennCareerServ Monday Morning Inspiration After Irene: “If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm.” Frank Lane

@lmissamy143 Thanks to Miss Hurricane Irene/Tropical Storm Irene, I had a very relaxing weekend. So refreshed.

@DaBulGanja S/O To Hurricane Irene She Gave Me A Day Off From Work Today Das Love

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