I’d like to request a mural

That government and business sometimes work together on greater-good programs is hardly a new dynamic. One needn’t look any further than the recent announcement of Free Summer Meals for City Kids program brought to you by the City of Philadelphia and Wal-Mart.

All of which is set up the modest proposal which came to mind after seeing the new poster for The Dark Knight Rises on the eve of its trailer debuting before whatever the new Harry Potter movie is called. The Mural Arts Program, or some city representative, needs to get in touch with Warner Bros. and say something to the extent of, “Yo, great poster. We’d like to offer you a wall that you could muralize with it until the movie comes out next summer.”

Of course, it’s dark and morbid. But it’s mesmerizing, artistic and profitable enough to save a couple teachers’ jobs, no?

We’re depending on you, City Hall. Make it happen.

“Dark Knight Rises” Poster Brings Gotham City To Ruin [MTV]

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