If you get what you pay for, is this $120 cheesesteak the best in Philly?

The most expensive cheesesteak in the world is at Barclay Prime. | Provided

The most expensive cheesesteak in the world can be found in Philadelphia, at Barclay Prime in Rittenhouse, with a price tag of $120. And no, it’s not too expensive for dedicated Philly cheesesteak enthusiasts. It’s one of the most popular menu items, and even Ed Sheeran has tried it. 

According to Philly.com, the sought after delicacy has been on the menu since the restaurant opened in 2004, and was used as a marketing strategy to build buzz.

Created by chef Todd Mark Miller, the cheesesteak got a lot of attention, and even landed Barclay Prime on David Letterman.

The ritzy cheesesteak in its original form (and with its $100 price tag), featured kobe beef, foie gras, Taleggio cheese, shaved truffles, lobster, caramelized onions and heirloom shaved tomatoes on a brioche roll. What’s more, it comes with a bottle of Champagne.

Today, the price has gone up and the Barclay Prime cheesesteak now costs $120, but you’re getting even more decadence.

With chef Mark Twersky now in charge, the most expensive cheesesteak in the world got an upgrade, with Japanese A5 wagyu beef, caramelized onions, truffle shavings, and truffle butter. It even has a truffled Whiz made in-house, made from caciotta al tartufo and bechamel.


Aside from the bottle of champagne you get with your cheesesteak, you’re going to need a cigarette, too.

Barclay Prime is located at 237 S. 18th St.

For more information, visit: barclayprime.com.


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