Indoor skydiving in King of Prussia

Jumping out of a plane is so passé… Okay. Maybe not! But it’s become a lot easier to experience the adrenaline rush of skydiving in the Delaware Valley with the opening of iFLY in King of Prussia.

Since April, this Austin-based chain has taken over 3,100 high flyers into the world of indoor skydiving. That’s right — No plane. No tandem. No parachute. Step into their wind tunnel and away you go! Appropriate for ages three to one hundred and three, it’s never early or too late to cross skydiving off one’s bucket list. Unsurprisingly, senior centers are among their biggest fans.

Each session is approximately two hours in length and training is relatively painless. You’re taught to always keep your chin up, relax your legs and keep your hands in a diamond pose right about eye level. Of course, it’s always much easier said than done when all communication inside of the tunnel is done through hand signals. So remember to relax when the instructor flashes the hang ten sign. Deep breaths now!

The one big advantage of choosing iFLY over tradition skydiving is the amount of time spent in freefall. What is freefall you ask? It’s defined as your active descent before pulling the parachute which typically only lasts 30 – 40 seconds. iFLY works to keep you in the air for 2 minutes. What may seem like a blink of eye is certainly a head spinner both literally and figuratively. Just remember to keep your mouth closed to avoid drooling all over yourself.

iFly is located right across from the United Artists King of Prussia Stadium Movie Complex. Open 7 days a week. The package for first-time flyers start at $69.95 and it’s appropriately called “Earn your wings!”

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